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Romance in Fantasy- Scene from Healing Gilvary

Think my fantasy series lacks romance? Think again! Here is a scene from Healing Gilvary. (which happens to be .99 this week- free if you have Kindle Unlimited)

“I believe you promised the first dance to me.”

Gwen glanced up and then away. I thought for a second she might deny me the privilege. I stood waiting as the emotions played across her features. I could imagine her wanting to say no but then convincing herself that she could not deny the crown prince. I hated the feeling that she was forcing herself to dance with me, but I did not have the strength to let her out of that promise. This may be my last chance to hold her in my arms.

I held out my hand and she took it. I noticed there was no ring to match the rest of her jewelry. I still hoped one day mine would grace her finger.

I led her out on the dance floor and pulled her to me. She gasped and her body stiffened at first but soon she relaxed and we moved together as if we were one person. I had no doubt this woman was meant to be mine. She studied my face as if she were trying to memorize it. This scared me more than before when she had been trying so hard not to look at me.

“I have missed you.”

She drew her brows together. “It has only been three days.”

“It feels like an eternity.”

She glanced nervously at the couples dancing on either side of us. “That woman, is she here?”

“No. I have not seen her or her father since that meeting in Farris’ office. I can only hope God allowed the ground to open beneath them and it swallowed them up.”

“Reagan.” Even with her reprimand, she seemed to relax after hearing that the woman was absent. What was she afraid of?

I pulled her closer until her body pressed against mine. “I . . . I want you to know that when all of this is over, I am coming after you. Do you hear me? I know God is going to work this out and when it is all straightened out, it will be you and me again. I will not rest until you are mine.”

I had started to tell her that I loved her, but that would not have been fair.

“You think you know what is going to happen, but you have no idea. God may mean for you to end up with this woman. I cannot continue pining for you when we may never be together again. For now, it is over. Try not to think about me anymore. Just do what you need to for your kingdom and forget about me for the time being.”

“I may as well try to stop breathing because that is the equivalent of me not thinking about you. All my hopes and dreams are full of you. I am in love with you.” Hang trying to be fair. Life was not fair for either of us right now.

“Reagan, I cannot do this. Do not seek me out again unless you have a medical emergency. Please. My heart cannot stand what you are putting me through.” Her eyes were glassy with unshed tears.

I hated myself for being the cause of them. The song ended right at that moment. She took a step back, but her gaze was still locked with mine as if it was the last time she would ever look at me.

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