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My Favorite Books for 2020

These are not listed in order of rank and you can see I may have binged on quite a few Sally Britton books this year. But I want you to know one on this list ranks above and beyond all the others in my mind. A Long Time Comin’ by Robin W Pearson is the most ‘real’ book I’ve read in a long time. Loved it!


A Long Time Comin’- Robin W Pearson

In Spite of Ourselves- Jennifer Rodewald

An Unlikely Proposal- Toni Shiloh


On Wings of Devotion- Roseanna M White

The Maid of Fairbourne Hall- Julia Klassen

Miss Devon’s Choice- Sally Britton

An Uncommon Woman- Laura Frantz

The House at the End of the Moor- Michelle Griep

Reforming Lord Neil- Sally Britton

His Unexpected Heiress- Sally Britton

Saving Miss Everly- Sally Britton

Miss Devon’s Choice- Sally Britton

More Than a Pretty Face- Karen Witemeyer


The Hope of Christmas Past- Stephenia H McGee

The Wedding Dress Christmas- Rachel Hauck

All the Moore- Toni Shiloh

This and Every Christmas- Jaycee Weaver

Did any of these make you list?

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