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Say That Again

A few people have been curious about the pronunciation of the names in my books, as well as my own. Here’s a little guide for you. If I didn’t list a name, it’s because it sounds exactly how it is spelled, but if you aren’t sure about one, just ask.

Let’s start with my name. Andrea- I pronounce it On’ dree a, but it doesn’t matter to me if people say it wrong. As long as I know you are talking to me, I will answer.


Aisling- Ash’ ling -I know, phonetically, it doesn’t make sense. If you pronounce it differently, that’s okay.

Cathal- Ca’ thl

Cordelia- Core del’ e a

Gilvary- Gil’ va ree

Kearnley- Kern’ lee

Marta- Mar ta

Rivania- Ri vān’ e a


Adrika- Ad reek’ a

Agata- Uh gate’ uh

Aine- Ann

Arlana- Ar lan’ a

Barnali- Barn’ au lee

Brianna- Bree on’ na -If you have been pronouncing it Bree an na, that’s okay too.

Cait- Kate

Damini- Da’ min ee

Doireann- Dor’ e ann

Eamon- A mon

Einri- In ree

Eoghan- E’ o gan

Finelle- Fin el’

Kiagon- Kee’ a gon

Malai- Ma lay’ i

Niocol- Nee’ a cole

Rian- Ry’ an

#TheKingdomsofKearnley #pronunciations

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