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The Kingdoms of Kearnley- Looking at the characters and their future.

For those of you who are curious, here are my character notes from The Kingdom of Kearnley series. You can see if your idea about what the characters are like match up to mine. Also, I have added a bit of what I think is in store for the future of the main characters.

Country of Kearnley- The three Kearnley brothers conquered this country (Marta) over 300 years ago and divided it into 3 kingdoms. The people would be Kearnish.

Kingdom of Aisling- Dragon Southern, coastal. Aislinian, flat accent

Brianna Leigh Reaner (virtuous, strong)- age in each book 17,18, 34; DOB Nov. 27; personality type ESTJ sun kissed skin, long wavy reddish brown hair but she keeps it trimmed to the waist, large hazel eyes, turned up nose that she hates(like her mother’s), average weight, 5’6”, long slender fingers, full lips. Bouts of temper at times that doesn’t last long. Hardly ever cries. Slightly insecure and envious because she doesn’t look as good as Gwen. Has never dated, she was busy learning to be queen, then running the kingdom but she thinks boys are not attracted to her and she has never tried to get ones attention before. Not very romantic or sentimental. Has a sense of humor but is mostly serious about her job. Forgives easily.

Garrett Richard Barnali(brave, watchful)- 18, 19, 35 DOB July 6, ISTJ Sandy hair, only one with pale green eyes like his mother, looks sad all of the time but when he smiles, his whole face lights up, 5’10”,3rd son, he has clashed often with his father so Coman pays him little notice. Shy and romantic, wants to be a better man than his father. Has always wanted Brianna but backed off when he realized he couldn’t have her. Feels anger like everyone else but seldom explodes.

Children: Their age in the last book

Deidre Leigh- age 15

Andrew Garrett- age 6

Morgan James- age 3

What does the future hold for Garrett and Brianna’s family?

At the age of forty, Brianna will deliver another babe on Christmas day and they will name her Richael Noelle. After Richael comes of age, they will turn the running of the kingdom over to Deidre’s capable hands and do a little traveling while they still can.

Deidre will marry a logger named Corey Westbrook- Strong of body and will, good looking, (of course) and not rich or royal, but he grounds Deidre with his no-nonsense logic, which is exactly what she needs. Deidre is not pledged by the same issues as her mother and grandmother. She has five children without a miscarriage or stillborn among them.

Andrew becomes a world traveler before finally settling down with a wife and a couple of kids.

Morgan and his wife live in a chateau by the sea and have a total of nine kids.

Richael studies art. She has no plans to marry until fellow artist wins her heart. They have three kids- bringing the total grandchildren for Garrett and Brianna to nineteen.

Cast of minor characters for Securing Aisling

Torin is Brianna’s horse. He is a bay (reddish with dark mane and tail) gelding, Arabian.

Eoghan- Garrett’s horse, means God’s precious gift. black and white (pinto) Overo Stallion.

Niall Reaner- bday 10/29 Bria’s father. Murdered when she was 16. (details)

Auburn hair and beard, hazel eyes. (like father on Tangled)Kingdom came thru him.

Deidra Whitmire Reaner- bday 6/25 died giving birth to a stillborn son when Bria was (barely)11. Had several miscarriages between Bria and stillborn.

Light brown hair, green eyes. Her father was a duke. It wasn’t really an arranged marriage but it was an encouraged one. They did love each other but it wasn’t a passionate marriage.

Eamon(protective)Alexander (defender of mankind)- bday 9/11, trusted advisor- 59 yrs old, 60, deceased ISTP Brother to Einri and uncle to Gwen. Full head of blond hair and blue eyes but he keeps his head and face shaved unless he travels. Everyone is surprised to find out that he is not going bald naturally. Natural born leader. Him and Bria are very close.

Doireann- sullen, mid 50’s light brown/gray hair- always a bun, hazel eyes. No-nonsense. You hardly ever see her. No children. They love each other more than you would think.

Reilly Aiden Cassidy- ENFP mid-50’s, not so trustworthy advisor. Secretly in bed with Coman, Bria’s go between with other kingdoms. Widower. No kids. Dark brown/gray curly hair with balding. Dark brown eyes. Tall and slim. I am picturing the evil man from Zorro.

Owen Finlay- lamb- ISFP youngest advisor-30 years old. 31, 47 The only one picked by Bria. She picked him because he was the youngest out of the recommended and she thought he would relate better to her. He likes to go with the majority. People pleaser. Kingdom has a law- council usually serves for life. When ruler dies, the oldest advisor retires and the new ruler gets to pick his replacement. Shoulder-length light brown hair that he sometimes wears in a ponytail. Green eyes. Tall and slim. Some would say good looking.

Cait- Owen’s wife- 22 years old. Thin blond hair and blue eyes.

Aine- Owen’s daughter- 2 yrs old, looks like her mother.

Gwendolyn Rose Alexander- INTP 18, 19, 35 DOB 9/21 See below

Ghost is the horse she uses. He is a gray (looks white) Arabian. Brianna will give her to Gwen when she leaves.

Einri Alexander- ISTJ 44, 45, 61 years old, steward, Gwen’s father, youngest (of 7)brother to Eamon(oldest of his sibs), blond hair, blue eyes, thinner and shorter than Eamon. He went away when he was younger and came back with an infant (Gwen). Eamon got him a job in the castle and he worked his way up. He claims that he had married Gwen’s mother but no one ever met her and he never talks about what happened to her.

Alma Rosemary Logan- Gwen’s mother Died just before Gwen turned 2. Sandy hair, green eyes

Austin Connor- Einri’s replacement. Blond hair, blue eyes, warriors build.

Duke Mannix- 88, widower

Agata- ESFJ b day 10/2, 68 yrs old. 69, 84 or gone?. Nurse/ maidservant, Widowed young, 3 kids grown, 5 gkids. Voluptuous in her day. She is spry and funny, will say the unexpected.

Parson Nevan- 55yrs old. 56, 72- retired. Preacher at castle Aisling. Slightly overweight, balding, happy,

Kerwin Mundy- 35 years old, healer at Fort Bevan. Tall slim black man with medium skin and eyes. Never married. Serious, believes you should take your medicine like a man- no honey.

Glen Hurley- General over the fort.

Simon- captain of the guard at Castle Aisling

Rowena- Deidre’s friend

Blanche- seamstress

Yvon- Deidre’s handmaiden

Kingdom of Gilvary- Falcon plains, dry, more advanced in technology, Gilvarian, women do not shake hands

Fort Cathal- means Battle Ready

Reagan Augustine Barnali- 20, 21, 37 DOB 10/13, 5’7”, 2nd, ESFP agreeable, black hair, light brown eyes the contrast of light and dark is very appealing. He is very good-looking. He flirts with everything in a skirt but is still a virgin and not an excessive drinker. His philosophy was to roll with whatever life handed him. God’s will be done. Married on May 13, wedding on August 18- Finelle’s bday

Gwendolyn Rose Alexander- INTP 18, 19, 35 DOB 9/21 her companion since childhood. Very elegant even though she is only the steward’s daughter. Optimistic. Pale skin, hair and blue eyes. Loves animals, Funny, Deadly with a bow, has dated but nothing serious, secretly feels inferior to the queen but also to everyone else because of questionable birth. Her father never speaking of it has actually made it worse. Book2 She falls in love with Reagan but refuses to marry him until after Finelle dies which is ironic since before she would have been a princess but now she will def. be a queen. She realizes that life is too short and she needed to trust God more for her future.


Niocol Dunbar Barnali- ISFJ Dunbar and Juliane’s baby age 15

August Rose- age 12

Dallas Alexander- age 9

Tomas Logan- age 5

Caitlin Finelle- age 2

What does the future hold for Reagan and Gwen’s family?

No more children for Reagan and Gwen. They live to the ages of 68 and 66, then die one day apart, Gwen first.

Nic and his wife, Eily, take over as King and Queen of Gilvary. Nic never meets his birthmother. It is a little sad whenever he takes the time to think about it, but he has no fault with the ones who raised him. Neither of his parents ever once made him feel like he didn’t belong. He is sweet and kind and a little bit of a pushover. Him and his wife have three children, all girls.

August and her husband run the trade school her father began. They have two kids, a boy and a girl.

Dallas and his wife run a horse ranch. They have seven boys and on girl.

Tomas still lives in the castle. His passion is healing and trying to find new remedies for old ailments. He never marries.

Caitlin marries and has five children, but if you want to know what she is up to, you’ll have to keep reading.

This brings Reagan and Gwen’s grandchild count up to seventeen.

Cast of supporting characters for Healing Gilvary

Coman Dunbar Barnali- 54, 5’8”, ENFJ means bent…controlling, power hungry, he has been preparing his oldest to be king, he wants a marriage between Dunbar and Bria so he can rule both kingdoms, Black hair and eyes, goatee. Evil. He loves his wife though.

Finelle Barnali- ISFP 41, 42 mother, ornamental doormat, Kingdom came down from her side. Beautiful, honey blond hair, 5’7”, pale skin, slim and youthful looking. Her bday is 8/18 maiden name NiocolTheirs is an arranged marriage but she loves her husband. She loves her kids too but will blind herself of Coman’s evil even at the expense of the kids.

Coman Dunbar(castle dweller)- ISFJ 22, 5’8”, Oldest Barnali prince, good looking, puppet to his father. Light brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, not as innocent as he appears. He wants the same thing his father does but hates being a puppet to get it. To make up for it he drinks a little more than he should and sleeps with women.

Terence- 17, 18, 33 6’, DOB 5/21 bulky, 4th, simple minded, brown curly hair, dark brown eyes

Delano- Reagan’s Black stallion

Allister- Reagan’s falcon

Gilroy(king’s devotee)- kings advisor, Coman’s go between.

Ena- maid, mother to Gemma, falsely accused of killing Dunbar

Gemma Fergus- 7, 8, 23 Ena’s daughter, 12/2, emerald eyes. Let’s see who’s paying attention. You may be seeing Gemma (and only Gemma) again. I have this story cooking in my head based in Rivania. We’ll see if it ever makes it from my head out to paper.

Vicar Gilmore

Oscar- soldier

Innis- Servant

Filib Ellis- stable boy turned messenger turned advisor. 22,23 one Reagan trusted. Oldest brown hair and eyes.

Dale Ellis- 14, 24- Filib’s replacement as messenger. Airship pilot.

Mave- 22 Airship mechanic

Kiagon- traitor,

Tessa Ellis- A servant.

Brenen Ellis- Server- jouster.

Arlana Kelly- Steward at Gilvary green eyes

Clare Ellis- 16, Gwen’s assistant, middle child of 7. Whole family works in castle. Brown hair and eyes. Plump. Boy crazy, lack of confidence because of weight.

Elen Ellis- 10, youngest Ellis child.

Glynis- head cook- she takes charge of Gemma

Edina- grumpy old woman who helps take care of Finelle. Used to help with the children.

Nora- Finelle’s other caregiver. Her handmaid.

Angus Sawyer- Juliane’s dad

Juliane Sawyer- Dunbar’s baby’s momma. Blond hair, green eyes- room in west tower.

Pastor Conroy Dunham- Pastor at Gilvary, silver hair, blue eyes, free of wrinkles. Pastor Dunham

Kyle Darby- random kid who beat up Rian. Later in book 3 he will be one of Gemma’s admirers.

Galen Ferrell- head gardener/ choir director

Antoine Lewis- General over the warriors in Gilvary. Advisor to Reagan.

Martin, David, Brody- random soldiers

Kingdom of Dermot-Eagle Mountains, cold, Dermish, Supper is called the evening meal.

Rivania- Rivanian- the country where Rian served as soldier.

Cordelia - Cordelian

Rian Lucas Barnali- INTJ 9, 10, 25 DOB 2/13 5th youngest, spoiled to ruin in his early years, blond hair, light brown eyes. becomes more sullen and reserved, witnesses the death of his father, feels guilt toward his whole family- even to book 3. Tattoo on right arm. Wears a silver chain with an anchor- describe but do not explain. (The anchor points to a book not yet written.)

Adrika Kathleen Mahon- ISTJ- born jan 2. Age 2, 3, 18 black hair, chocolate-brown eyes. (I don’t have anything written here because I didn’t have a plan for her. I had to wait and see how she would develop. She has a complex personality because of the dual nationality traits and because her relationship with her father changed so drastically.)

What does the future hold for Rian and Adrika?

Sadly, I do not see Rian and Adrika having children. This upset my mother when I told her this. If it bothers you, I encourage you to make up your own ending. Share it with me. I look forward to hearing about it.

Since in my mind they have no children, Caitlin Finelle Barnali becomes their Named Heir. At the age of twenty, she comes to live at the castle in Dermot to finish out her training and to get her ready to become the future ruler. She falls in love with Liam Sutherland, one of Dermot’s noblemen. They marry and finally fill the castle with children-five of them. Rian and Adrika dote on them as if they were their own grandchildren.

Farris Mahon- ENFJ rock bear- King of Dermot, 52, 53, 70 big burly man, wears a lot of furs. Really loves his wife. Salt and pepper hair and beard. Dark blue eyes. Dies at the age of 74.

Babree Mahon- ISFJ Queen, almost as tall as Farris, 38, 39 From another Cordelia. Dies at age 52 (when Adrika is 16)

Damini- Nursemaid

Duke Brigid- 48, confirmed bachelor

Brett Eveny- 11, 12, 27 Duke Brigid’s nephew and heir.

General Cormac- gray eyes.

Liam Reeves- Vicar of Dermot, tall, dark eyes, salt and pepper hair.

Kariann Fisher- hair dresser. Bleach blonde with overdone makeup. Pale blue eyes.

Brasil- Farris’ personal servant.

Galik Anhalt Adrika’s uncle.

Carlos- guard with Galik

Arthur Harling- advisor- representative of people of Dermot. Really old.

Kealan Thomas- advisor representing Dermot to all of Kearnley. Youngest of the advisors. Travels to Aisling for Session.

Hogan Faulkner- advisor in charge of defense.

Fiona Mitchel- Rian’s ex.

Donal- 14, mute servant- son of Renny, head cook.

Renny- head cook, husband left after he found out that Donal was mute.

Healer Irving

Abel Pendergrass- leader of group of warriors.

Jon Wilkins- warrior traveling with Adrika.

Kaine- a scout

Malai- name of man Galik plans for Adrika to marry.

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