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Healing Gilvary- Why Gwen has no desire to rule.

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance of becoming a princess—especially with the knowledge that you would one day help rule a kingdom? Yet, when Gwendolyn Alexander is offered the position, she chooses not to accept. Why?

Gwen has been closely related with the royal family in Aisling for most of her life. As best friends with Princess Brianna, she would have been privy to her thoughts and complaints about the training she received in anticipation of becoming the kingdom’s next ruler. She saw first-hand what it meant to have to put your own desires aside, placing the needs of the kingdom first.

Most have a glamorous view of what it’s like to be a royal, but not Gwen. Being at the top was not always the safest place to be. She had fought alongside her queen whose life was endangered because of the greedy desires of a fellow ruler. It would be shocking news for a commoner to hear that their king was murdered. As best friend to the daughter of that king, she would have experienced the added level of seeing the damage that was done not only to the kingdom, but to that daughter.

What do you think? Would you turn down the chance to rule?

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