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INTP The Thinker - How to Use MBTI Personality Profiles in Writing

INTP The Thinker

There are sixteen MBTI<---follow link to find out more) personality types. My last blog talked about the ENTJ personality and how it can be used in character development. This time we will look at the INTP.

How do you use this information in your writing? You could pick and choose which types you want to use and build your characters around that. For me, the story comes first. Scenes play out in my head, and I write them down. The characters start to come to life. At some point early on, I start to look at each character and ask myself what type best suits them. Then I use those personality descriptions to ‘flesh out’ the character. Studying each character’s type also tells me what they would and would not do with each situation that pops up.

If your Character is an INTP, he . . .

  • May be “Nerdy”.

  • Will need a lot more alone time than what others would consider usual.

  • Is not in tune with the emotional needs of others. (Or their own, for that matter)

  • Is intelligent.

  • May seem standoffish.

  • Will probably not like change.

  • Is not a leader, but won’t necessarily follow, especially if he doesn’t agree with the one leading.

  • Bases decisions purely on logic, rather than feelings.

  • May seem critical, especially if someone else becomes emotional.

  • May not follow tradition.

  • Is more likely to believe in conspiracy theories.

Keep in mind that each individual has different life experiences which will affect the degree of each trait. Only you can decide what traits you want your characters to have and why. Using the bullet points above, you might rate each one on a scale of 1-3 according to the degree of each trait your character will possess. It will mark each character as an individual while keeping within their personality type.

Fictional INTP Characters

Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory)

John Nash (Beautiful Mind)

Roy Neary (Close Encounters of the Third Kind)

Edward Scissorhands

Temperance Brennan (Bones)

Juno MacGruff (Juno)

Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter series)

Gwendolyn Alexander (from my own The Kingdom’s of Kearnley series)

INTP Mates Who are they most compatible with?


Famous INTP’s

Albert Einstein

Tina Fey

Abraham Lincoln

Jesse Eisenberg

Charles Darwin

Marie Curie

James Madison

Sigourney Weaver

Ben Stein

What type are you? <---Click to find out.

INTP Summery- The Thinker (introversion, Intuition, thinking, Perceiving) About 5% of the population. quiet, unassertive and aloof exterior that mask strong creativity and enthusiasm for novel possibilities. Curious about how things work. Less at ease with social situations. Don’t like change. Accept ideas based on merit rather than tradition or authority. They have little patience for social customs that seem illogical. They are good at explaining complex ideas to others in very simple terms however, they may give more detail than is needed. They often have a quick wit, can be charming and are surprised by other’s high regard for them. They are driven to understand a discussion from all sides. Haunted by a fear of failure, they often second guess themselves. Like to think theoretically, love new ideas, daydreamers, hate routine, they do not like to lead or control people, may seem shy at first, do not understand decisions based on feelings, not well equipped to meet the emotional needs of others which may make them critical and sarcastic, non-traditionalist, may tend to be restless and temperamental

Personality Profile <---Follow link to my Pinterest board to see general MBTI memes and quotes.

INTP The Thinker <---Link to my Pinterest board exclusively for INTP memes and quotes.

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