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Which Prince Would You Choose?

Queen Brianna’s choices for a mate are quickly narrowed to the three princes of Gilvary. Today we will take a look at each of them. Let me know which one you would pick!

Here is what we know about Dunbar:

*He is the crown prince of Gilvary. If Brianna marries him, their kingdoms would merge as one after his parents are gone.

*He is under his father’s thumb right now, but perhaps he is just a victim of his circumstances. *Maybe if he could get away from Gilvary and his father, things could change.

*More than one person thinks he and Brianna make the perfect couple.

*Sure, he isn’t much of a conversationalist, but he is a gentleman who was very attentive to Brianna’s every need when they are together.

*He is an expert dancer!

*He has an underlying passion that is not immediately recognized.

*He doesn’t lack in the looks department either—tall with curly brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. What’s not to like?

I took this occasion to reacquaint myself with his features, and I could not help but compare him to his brother. He was thinner, and his complexion was lighter as if he did not often leave the castle. His hair and eyes were brown but not as dark as his father’s. Still, he was handsome, and he had a gracefulness about him like his mother. This could work. Queen Brianna Reaner of Aisling

Would he be your pick, or would you choose Reagan?

*He is considered by many to be the most handsome man in all of Kearnley.

*He is very charming. Some may call him flirty.

*He is a great dancer—one who can make his partner seem more graceful than she really is.

*He has a great sense of humor.

I turned and looked into Reagan’s caramel-colored eyes. I believe the contrast between his black hair and the light in his eyes was one of the things that made him so beautiful. He always seemed to be wearing a mischievous smile. It drew your thoughts to him like a mystery to be puzzled out. We had been having a serious conversation without all of the flirting that had always been his way. It gave me too much hope that he could be the one. Queen Brianna Reaner of Aisling

Or would Garrett be more to your liking?

*He’s shy, or at least it seems that way.

*He is usually a nice guy, unless he is going against his evil father.

*He is definitely a one-woman kind of guy.

*He likes to read. (What more could a girl want?)

My memories of Garrett before coming here were vague, but looking up into his pale green eyes, little glimpses floated through my mind—games of hide and seek, chasing him through the garden to tag his shoulder and then run away, and awkwardly swaying around in a circle on the dance floor because it was expected. I had forgotten that I actually had a childish little crush on him when we were much younger, but that had faded once he had stopped coming around. I studied his face with renewed interest. Could I imagine myself waking up to these features for the rest of my life? Queen Brianna Reaner of Aisling

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