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Publishing update

Finally, I have internet! I know—it seems unbelievable to live in America today without access to the net. I had to give it up when my husband went on disability a few years ago. Going without it has not been a totally bad thing. It allowed me to focus on my writing.

My first novel, Securing Aisling, is 99% ready to be published! The only thing left is the cover, and we are working on it now. Be sure to check out the pictures from the photo shoot on my facebook page- Hopefully everything will be done before this year is out, so keep your eyes peeled! For the first three months it will be available on Kindle only. After that, I plan to make it available in book form and audio.

Book two, Healing Gilvary, is finished, and the editing process has begun. It will definitely be next year before it is published. I am writing book three, Restoring Dermot, now. This will be the final installment to this series, but I am already taking notes and making plans for another book after this.

I have to say, this is the most thrilling thing I have ever experienced. God is so good!

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