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I'm a Blogger!

I picked a frog to represent my first blog entry because that's what I am. FROG- Fully Relying On God! I know, it sounds cliche', but I really am stepping out on faith here. I have basically been a stay-at-home mom/housewife for, well, all of my life. Other that a few tax courses, my schooling does not go past high school. I have started writing projects in the past but never finished any of them. What makes me think that I can write a book and then get it published?

A little over a year ago I felt God nudging me in this direction. I have a file of book ideas that I have kept over the years, but I didn't turn to them when I decided to write a book. I woke up with the idea for this story one morning while thinking about the fairy tales we all grew up with. You know the ones where the guy comes in and saves the girl at the very last moment? I thought what if it was the other way around? What if the girl asked the guy for his hand in marriage.

I got out a notebook and wrote that down and dated it. That was it. That was all I had to go on. As the days progressed, so did ideas for my book. I wrote them all down. Then whole scenes started playing out in my head. I would open up a file on my computer and start typing. I eventually got what I call the bare bones of my story out. I went back over and over it again, adding details as I went.

I would call Kris McFalls up when I felt like it was good enough and read it over the phone to her, and I would catch mistakes I had not noticed before. Next, I took it to my mother, Marie Boyd, who is an avid reader of Christian fiction. She is my mother, but I knew she would be honest with me. She told me that it was as good as a lot of published books she had read and better than some others. She said she never would have guessed that I had never written a book before.

I sent the first three chapters to Cindy Johnson, a retired school teacher. She smiled at me the next time she saw me and said, "I was hooked by the second chapter." Yes! It will still be a while before I'll be ready to find an agent and then a publisher, so y'all keep me in your prayers.

If you have read this far- Thanks!

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