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The Kingdoms of Kearnley Series

Securing Aisling by Andrea Boyd
Securing Aisling

Queen Brianna of Aisling must find a husband or risk losing the right to rule her kingdom. She decides to marry the son of her nemesis, King Coman of Gilvary, but her selection is not pleasing to everyone.


King Coman has been plotting to take control of Aisling for years. Queen Brianna’s choice causes him to have to come up with a new plan—one that could prove deadly for the newly wedded couple.

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Healing Gilvary by Andrea Boyd
Healing Gilvary

Prince Reagan Barnali has always live a charmed life, but now he has a kingdom to rule, plus his mother and his two younger brothers to care for. Despite all of these burdens, he still has time to think about his desire for marriage.


The flirting begins as soon as Gwendolyn Alexander arrives in Gilvary, but she is familiar with Reagan’s bad-boy ways. Just when she finally surrenders her trust, trouble from his past arrives

Restoring Dermot by Andrea Boyd
Restoring Dermot

After ten years away, Prince Rian is returning home. He makes it as far as Dermot, where he is held captive by King Farris. The king will do whatever it takes to force Rian into marrying his daughter.

Princess Adrika is little more than a token used to advance her father’s plans. Marrying Rian would place her under the rule of two stubborn men instead of one, but it may be better than the alternative.

Are you the type who likes to read the whole series at once? Now you can! The Kingdoms of Kearnley are now in a Box Set. Available on Amazon in KU.

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