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Persuaded by Andrea Boyd

Eighteen years ago, Felicity Sutton made the biggest mistake of her life when she broke off her engagement to Jaylon Briggs. Her father had pointed out that a year after graduating high school Jay still didn’t have a steady job, a sure indication that he’d likely never amount to anything. So despite her love for the boy, she ended their relationship and headed to college—to a life that would finally make her father proud. Biggest. Mistake. Of. Her. Life.


After years of hard work, Jaylon Briggs now operates a multi-million dollar shipping enterprise. He’s poured everything into his business, and for what? It all means nothing without the woman he loves by his side, sharing a life together. Some days, he longs to be that teenage boy again. The one with only his beat-up old surf board headed to the beach in a borrowed car, his girl beside him.


Persuaded is a Southern romance loosely based on a Jane Austen classic that shows what can happen when we choose pleasing man over pleasing God.

Felicity and Jay would never go back to what they were—two people so in tune with each other, so much in love, that the only next step should have been marriage. After all these years of separation, she still felt a connection to him somehow. But the bitterness he displayed today let her know that he didn’t feel the same way.

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