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What Matters Most- written by author Andrea Boyd- cover by Tammy Boyd Jackson  front- proo

Jolene Spencer had been perplexed from the first mention of Micah Abrams. Why would a grown man uproot his life and move two states over at the urging of Jo’s momma? How did he and Ma even meet? And he’s raising a daughter by himself. Where is the child’s momma and how does she fit into his plans?

When Jo first sees him standing on the front porch, staring like a deer caught in the headlights and seemingly unable to speak, she pegs him as a shy one. But then he walks in with a confident swagger and mingles with her family like he’s been there all his life.

Jo finds herself falling for the stranger and his adorable little girl. A dream that had been tucked away and forgotten about suddenly seems within her grasp. Then her worst sin is exposed, and it all turns to ash. She’s not the woman she once was, but does that even matter? Micah seems willing to set her mistakes aside, but can she forgive herself?

My Latest!

The Spencer Family Series

Waiting For You written by author Andrea

Waiting For You


When Dani’s dreams come crashing down, she heads back home to Shiloh with her daughter. Not long after her return, Wade shows up to rekindle her hopes for the future. But Dani will have to get over past hurts and take another chance if she wants to be with him.

When Forever Fades- cover.jpg

When Forever Fades


Gray Turner will do whatever it takes to get his family back and fix his broken marriage—even if it means facing the painful roots to his problem. But how is he supposed to find redemption when his wife has given up and walked away without a backward glance?

Walden Beach Series
Irresistibly Yours by Andrea Boyd
Persuaded by Andrea Boyd
Love's Redemption   A Walden Beach Novel

Sweet Tea Holiday Collection

Heart's Desire by Andrea Boyd
Mistletoe Kiss by Andrea Boyd cov

Did you know I also have a collection of Fantasy books?

A Promise So Sweet- 2nd version.jpg

After ten years of silence, Bruce Colletto shows up at Lydia’s door asking her to marry him, and he just expects her to go along with it? Wildest idea ever, right? Yet, she finds herself agreeing to his crazy scheme. Will this end up being her greatest blessing or the worst decision of her life?


A Promise so sweet is the conclusion to the Something Borrowed collection. You can read Hanady and Keenan’s story in Always Been Yours by Jaycee Weaver, Leilah and Reggie’s relationship begins with All The Moore by Toni Shiloh, Chahna and Maguire work through their wedding troubles in A Holly Bolly Christmas by Mikal Dawn, and so do Cate and Noah in Somehow This Christmas. And if you’d like to get the whole collection in one book, Something Borrowed is still available in paperback! 

Collaborations with other authors

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